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Reflection Time

1 Dec


Here I am just a few short weeks away from graduating college with my Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Business-Sales/Marketing. Over the past year and a half I’ve learned a few things, some of which probably wasn’t necessary for my everyday use, but maybe I’ll benefit from the knowledge at some point in life. I had the opportunity to take a variety of different classes ranging anywhere from vet science to accounting, soils to law, and economics to marketing. So, basically, I got to pick and choose what I wanted to take in order to achieve my degree.

Along the way, I decided to take a Public Relations in Ag class. This class has tremendously expanded my knowledge in marketing and social media online, which can potentially lead to sales and revenue! I am lucky to have had such an awesome teacher to help guide me through it all and the projects/assignments definitely allowed me to learn and see how easy it is to use some of these online tools.


Just a few tips I have gained from taking this class:

-To succeed on the web or in any business you must consider the buyer first!

-Build content specifically for a niche audience and tell an online story about your product, ideas, etc.

-Consider ways to help solve problems, entertain, or simply motivate others.

-Learn how to become transparent. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

-Be creative, but still have a business state-of-mind.

-Give credit to other sources.

-How to create a social media plan for a company to incorporate online marketing strategies to help promote sales and future business.


Overall, I have learned a great deal in this course and I’m glad I took it during my last semester of college because it will be fresh in my mind and will help me when I start working for a company. You can never stop learning though, especially in the technological world because it is always changing. I think the key is to stay up with the times and always continue to do your homework!


Dairy Carrie

20 Nov


Last Wednesday, we had a guest speaker in my public relations class by the name of Carrie Mess, also known as “Dairy Carrie”. She is a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer that has been in the business for about 5 and a half years now. Unlike many other farmers, Carrie did not grow up on a farm and had little to no dairy background before starting this business.


Dairy Carrie has become a huge Agvocate, as many like to say, to the Agricultural world. She is really well known for not only her humor, but her ability to connect with the world and tell her story so well. People find her blog very easy to read and she has gained large numbers of followers in the past few years. In class she told us to “Tell the story and let that speak for the industry”. So she isn’t so much concerned with what others think of her story as long as it is real and out there. She is also part of the AgChat foundation which is a pretty big deal!

Here are some of the tips I picked up from her:

1. Social media only needs to take up the amount of time you need/want it to.

2. Showing everything is important sometimes. You can’t fake it all because reality isn’t phony.

3. You don’t have to put debatable topics up, but more so important points or inspiring things.

4. Don’t get super angry at the people that may be uneducated or stubborn because they may need to learn about the topic. 

5. Tell a story because nobody can say that your story is wrong. 

I was really impressed by her ability to draw in the readers/followers so easily with her words. Dairy Carrie has a lot of great advice for anyone who asks, especially in the agricultural world and she is becoming a big hit on social media sites so go check her out!!

Here is a link to her website: http://dairycarrie.com/

She is also on Facebook and Twitter under Dairy Carrie.


23 Oct


Hash tags. You either love them, hate them, or know nothing about them.


This simple social media tool allows people to use words and phrases to link up with trending topics, news, groups, etc. The whole idea behind the hash tag creation was to mark messages as relevant to a particular group. So, the message or word automatically connects you to a topic or “channel” related to that hash tag. This allows people to find out more information regarding their specific interests.

A tool? Or is it making you look like one?

A tool? Or is it making you look like one?

However, the dilemma with this ever-so-popular, easy-to-use web tool is that it’s overly used at times and can cause a lot of havoc for people.  #Fail  <—-See what I did there? That one little word was used as reinforcement to my sentence, but it could also be used to link up the word fail with a webpage full of things related to failing in life.

Here are some other downfalls of using the hash tag in social media:

1. Using hash tags in reference to your place of work. It opens up the opportunity for you to get the company name out there in means of gaining popularity and interest, but it can also allow people to share bad experiences and result in  lots of negative feedback. Or even worse, you get caught talking crap on your employer. #Fired

2. Becoming an annoyance to everyone because you overdo it. #This #Makes #You #Look #Bad #Don’tDoIt

3. Misleading people. If you use a word or phrase that isn’t relevant to the subject matter then people may discredit you and your information. So it’s important to choose clever or catchy words that tie in to what you are selling/sharing. #Bacon

4. Last, but not least, it makes you seem less intelligent if used incorrectly. We all make simple spelling errors and things like that all the time, but if you repeatedly add senseless words on social sites then you will most likely lose out on popularity. #NotCool

On a better note, there are tons of benefits of using the hash tag.

For instance, when thinking of a business, you could introduce your brand or services. By getting your company name out there via social media networks, you could potentially gain followers, fans, and possibly customers to buy whatever it is you’re selling! #winning

Enough ranting for today. I just wanted to point out some of the frustrating things that I see and hear of people doing when it comes to using the hash tag. I think, if used correctly, it can open a lot of doors for a business to share information and draw in consumers. I personally love using it to make a point in posts. But, it’s always a good idea to be aware of what you are sharing online!!


Ozarks Farm and Neighbor

2 Oct
Autumn is finally here.

Happy Fall Y’all!

In order to acquire the skills needed to promote agriculture using today’s technology of social media, news releases and viral marketing, I decided to take a public relations class during my last semester at Missouri State. By doing this, I am gaining knowledge that allows me to be more creative with marketing and sales, as well as learning how to create public relations/social media for a business or organization in the future.

Last week my class had a guest speaker by the name of Lynzee Glass. Lynzee is the managing editor for the newspaper Ozarks Farm and Neighbor which is known as the most read farm newspaper around. The paper focuses on things such as animal health, livestock breeders, associations and sales, equipment, supplies, feed, etc. It targets livestock producers in the Ozark area covering Southwest Missouri, Northwest Arkansas, and Eastern Oklahoma.

Every three weeks a new paper is published which reaches around 58,000 readers, with the average reader being between 35-64 years old. Most of the buyers of this paper are running cow/calf productions and aren’t all as connected to the social media world as the rest of us. So the struggle Ozark Farm and Neighbor has encountered is reaching more people via the internet and social media websites. They have created a Facebook page and Twitter account which are both growing more and more over the months, but there is still the need for more readership and marketing.


The question is, Are people (specifically older farmers) trying to avoid social media? I think a lot of them are, yes. There are still plenty of people out there that despise the internet, mainly because they can’t work computers and other technology. But, adapting to this new technology and social media is almost a MUST these days in order to have a successful business or stand out from competitors.

I’m suggesting the idea of taking a poll to find out what each reader would specifically like to see in the news and ideas of what to talk about in the future papers to come. Surveys will allow the reader to give their opinions and in return it lets Ozark Farm and Neighbor figure out where to expand and what areas to focus on.

That is just my two cents. What would help with this kind of struggle?

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