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Check out the Peterson Farm Brothers!

4 Dec

You don’t have to necessarily know anything about Agriculture to find this video entertaining! Parody videos are really popular these days and these boys are quickly gaining a huge following with their farming videos. It’s neat because they are combining the hard work of farming with having a good time and producing food for all of us to eat!



Happy Tuesday!!


Daylight Savings Monologue- Funny or Not?

14 Nov

I realize that comedians take different approaches on delivering a good, entertaining show. However, was Pete Holmes taking it a bit too far? I think yes. I’m not usually one to get offended easily at all, but c’mon that’s the best thing you could come up with to laugh about…


I’m sure he wasn’t intentionally trying to say farmers are worthless idiots, but he sure did depict them as being something like it. I just think this is one of those things he should have thought about more in depth before he went live and hurt a lot of people’s feelings.

Your goal may be to get a good laugh out of people, but should you risk offending thousands all for a joke? The whole reason I came across this video was because it was brought up in one of my classes and several people were bothered by it. Just saying, think before you act (or speak in this case)!

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