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Will ObamaCare Affect Agriculture?

30 Oct


As many of us already know, President Obama has created a new healthcare policy that will soon be in full swing across the country. Under this Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, employers were pressured to cut hours and benefits in order to avoid paying for insurance policies for everyone. Now the marginally profitable businesses are facing a huge dilemma because the law is forcing them to pay for expensive benefits that were never originally included in their compensation packages.

This could potentially cause drastic changes for farmers, ranchers, small businesses, etc. The cost, inconvenience, and liabilities involved will take a toll on companies and penalties will be charged to employers and individuals who do not comply with the new healthcare bill by next year. There are some exceptions to the act such as seasonal employees, but if a ton are employed for harvest, for instance, then the rules may still apply.


 So, will ObamaCare affect agriculture? ObamaCare is complicated and constantly changing, but it will effect every American in the long run. So, I encourage everyone to read up about it and continue to be aware of what is happening in our world today and what the future may hold.



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