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Dairy Carrie

20 Nov


Last Wednesday, we had a guest speaker in my public relations class by the name of Carrie Mess, also known as “Dairy Carrie”. She is a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer that has been in the business for about 5 and a half years now. Unlike many other farmers, Carrie did not grow up on a farm and had little to no dairy background before starting this business.


Dairy Carrie has become a huge Agvocate, as many like to say, to the Agricultural world. She is really well known for not only her humor, but her ability to connect with the world and tell her story so well. People find her blog very easy to read and she has gained large numbers of followers in the past few years. In class she told us to “Tell the story and let that speak for the industry”. So she isn’t so much concerned with what others think of her story as long as it is real and out there. She is also part of the AgChat foundation which is a pretty big deal!

Here are some of the tips I picked up from her:

1. Social media only needs to take up the amount of time you need/want it to.

2. Showing everything is important sometimes. You can’t fake it all because reality isn’t phony.

3. You don’t have to put debatable topics up, but more so important points or inspiring things.

4. Don’t get super angry at the people that may be uneducated or stubborn because they may need to learn about the topic. 

5. Tell a story because nobody can say that your story is wrong. 

I was really impressed by her ability to draw in the readers/followers so easily with her words. Dairy Carrie has a lot of great advice for anyone who asks, especially in the agricultural world and she is becoming a big hit on social media sites so go check her out!!

Here is a link to her website:

She is also on Facebook and Twitter under Dairy Carrie.


Daylight Savings Monologue- Funny or Not?

14 Nov

I realize that comedians take different approaches on delivering a good, entertaining show. However, was Pete Holmes taking it a bit too far? I think yes. I’m not usually one to get offended easily at all, but c’mon that’s the best thing you could come up with to laugh about…


I’m sure he wasn’t intentionally trying to say farmers are worthless idiots, but he sure did depict them as being something like it. I just think this is one of those things he should have thought about more in depth before he went live and hurt a lot of people’s feelings.

Your goal may be to get a good laugh out of people, but should you risk offending thousands all for a joke? The whole reason I came across this video was because it was brought up in one of my classes and several people were bothered by it. Just saying, think before you act (or speak in this case)!

The Apple vs. Microsoft Debate

6 Nov

It’s no secret that the war between Apple and Microsoft has been going on for years. There will always be those certain two-sided debates that will forever be up for dispute. Chocolate vs. vanilla. Republican vs. Democrat. Chevy vs. Ford.


I am completely unbiased as to whether or not one is better than the other. I have owned an old Sony computer with Windows Vista operating system for years now and never really had an issue. However, at the time I purchased this old dinosaur, I wasn’t rich enough to afford a Mac computer. With all the new technology out there and opportunities to network through social media, I’ve decided it’s time to do my homework and find a computer that best suits me and will benefit me in the future.

According to my research so far, Microsoft has basically dominated the world’s operating systems market due to the fact that they created an operating system that is compatible with lots of different hardware that is created by companies such as HP, Dell, Sony, IBM, etc. Apple created a design that only works perfectly with their hardware. So that could potentially create issues when it comes to formatting of documents and things like that.


The next thing I read up on was the reviews of features, prices, battery life, keyboards, etc. I am really picky about my keyboard. Some people prefer to have their keys spaced out to reach optimal typing speed, but I like the keys close together. Another big thing for me is the price, of course. Nowadays, all different brands can get pricey. I’ve found that Apple focuses more on the appearance and flashiness of its’ products as well as ease-of-use. While this is really nice and pretty to look at, I don’t wanna pay hundreds of more dollars for that unless there are some great added features that it offers as well.

One important thing that has jumped out at me with the Mac computers is that a lot of big social media companies are said to be using them. With my degree being in sales and marketing, this might be something I want to keep in mind. I know Apple is excelling as far as the creative programs go.


I will also say that the Iphone 5 is awesome! I can admit that in the last several years of owning an Iphone, I have never experienced any major problems. So I guess I am not necessarily choosing one company over the other, but rather searching for the gadgets and gizmos that fit my needs and spending budget best. I’m still on the hunt!

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