Shutdown Impacts On Agriculture

16 Oct



As many of you probably already know, the federal government is partially shutdown and has been for a couple of weeks now. This means that several government services and agencies are closed, suspended or otherwise impacted in some way. This could potentially affect numerous establishments. 


The things being impacted the most include:

  • Benefits for veterans and the disabled
  • Delayed paychecks to federal workers
  • A decrease in funds for health programs such as the Women, Infant and Children (WIC) program
  • Clinical research centers
  • Tourist destinations such as parks and museums
  • Head start programs
  • And last, but certainly not least, food-safety operations.

The Food and Drug Association had to cease most of it food-safety operations which includes inspections, compliance and enforcement activities, monitoring of imports, notification programs, and lab research.


Here are a few more things being negatively influenced in Agriculture:

  1. Crop progress reports
  2. Animal inventories
  3. Market news, reports, and stats along with projections and other economic factors.
  4. Farm Service Agency (FSA), which implements farm conservation and regulation laws.


Not all food-safety oversight is being halted, there will still be inspection on meat, poultry and egg products. Also, weighing services and some other crucial inspections will still be available. If the shutdown remains in effect it could have major consequences on Americans. There are a lot of other people being penalized besides the ones that I listed above. It just makes me wonder how long the shutdown will last and what will happen to the ones impacted? I hope a decision is reached soon and one that is for the betterment of our country.



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